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New Year, New Goals, 2012! :D

So last year was awesome! Met a lot of AWESOME people, lost many close friends but its a New Year and im looking forward to enjoying this time with the people that have stuck around. This Year’s resolution: Get farrr away from homeee by next year! Going to lay off tumblr for a while too :3

Happy New Years people! :D


These are just some of the memories that will always make me smile from 2011. :)

look at me! :’)

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my-her0ine-x3 asked:
jjkasdfljafdlasf yesss, I do knoww. <33333333 how cute :')

<3.<3 shhhh :p

Anonymous asked:
You go to mater ? :*

nopeee HGHS! you?

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my-her0ine-x3 asked:
Kiss your brother at midnight (;

are you kidding me?! -_- i dont want my brother! i think you know who i want :3

my-her0ine-x3 asked:
Hey, the redhead is a cutie, k thanks!

np :P

Anonymous asked:
i hope i make your 2012 extra awesome(;

lol okayyy?

Anonymous asked:
You're not 17 anymore, fix your info...

oh okay thanks! (:

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best pizza everrrr! 

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